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How to Find a Lawyer to Deal With Your Homeowner Insurance Company

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Dealing with an insurance company representative after damage to your New Orleans home will likely be a frustrating, time-consuming and depressing experience.  After all, the last thing you want to do is go into detail about the damage to the home you have worked so hard to purchase. Your focus should be squared on caring for your family and excelling at work.  Let our New Orleans homeowner insurance attorney handle the discussions with the insurance provider. You will rest easy knowing your financial interest is fiercely protected. However, no two legal teams are the same.  Select the wrong attorney and you will receive less compensation than expected or no compensation at all. 


Why the Assistance of an Insurance Claims Attorney is Necessary 

Homeowner insurance companies salivate at the prospect of dealing one-on-one with policyholders.  The average homeowner’s insurance policyholder does not understand the idiosyncrasies of the coverage.  Few laymen are willing to read over the entirety of their homeowner’s insurance policy. Even fewer are willing to put in the time to actually understand what the nuanced legalese of the policy actually means.  If you contact the homeowner insurance provider on your own after the damage, there is a good chance your claim will be denied or underpaid.  

Alternatively, if your homeowner insurance claims attorney handles discussions with the insurance provider, the company is more likely to provide the exact level of coverage detailed in the policy.  This is not to say you should refuse to interact with the insurance company. Rather, there is a good chance you will reach an impasse as the insurer attempts to low-ball you or even flat-out deny your claim.  Disagreements will likely arise in terms of damage issues as most insurers will question whether the extent of the damage is as reported. Furthermore, the insurer might not agree with replacing or repairing a certain part of the property.  Agreeing on the cost of the repairs or replacement has the potential to make these conversations even more contentious.  Though the insurer might provide coverage for certain areas of damage, there is a good chance you will not receive compensation for the entire claim.  


Find an Attorney Willing to Call out Bad Faith Insurers 

Sadly, some profit-hungry homeowner insurance providers act in bad faith.  Wrongful acts committed by adjusters and others at the insurance company are bad faith actions that should result in significant financial compensation.  However, if you do not have a homeowner insurance attorney ready to do legal battle on your behalf, proving the insurance company’s bad faith will feel like mission impossible.  The sad truth is you can do everything right from paying your monthly premiums to providing proof of loss, documenting all aspects of the damage and still end up with an insufficient offer or a coverage denial without sufficient reason.


Taking Legal Action

A savvy homeowner insurance attorney will review your claim and home damage in-depth to determine if legal action is prudent.  If necessary, your attorney will file a bath faith lawsuit or a coverage lawsuit on your behalf. However, litigation is a last resort.  If possible, your attorney will negotiate the claim on your behalf for a mutually beneficial solution. Do not put your faith in the first New Orleans homeowner insurance attorney you find through a Google search.  You need an experienced attorney with extensive knowledge of homeowner insurance claims. This professional should have years of experience negotiating settlements and engaging in legal battle in a court of law.  

If you have any question as to whether the New Orleans homeowner insurance attorney you are considering is familiar with property estimates, loss of use, building restoration or insurance coverage, do not pay a retainer or make any other sort of commitment.  Continue searching for an attorney worth his or her keep.  If you decide to file a bad faith/coverage suit, you should know the process might prove rather lengthy and tedious.  The litigation process requires the production of documents, formal depositions, court-mandated conferences and evidence presentations.  These hurdles might scare away run-of-the-mill homeowner insurance attorneys yet our New Orleans legal team is more than willing to take on any challenge that stands in the way of justice.

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