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New Orleans, Louisiana

Do you find yourself in a business dispute or contractual fight that has become more complicated than you imagined?  Whether you are dealing with an injury caused by another’s negligence or embroiled in a business or commercial conflict, the assistance of an experienced attorney can help you reach a fair conclusion in a reasonable amount of time.

BrowneLaw, LLC has successfully handled injury, business, and commercial disputes of all types.

Consult with our legal team.  Our insight just might set the stage for quite the handsome recovery — or prevent you from having to pay your hard-earned money to someone undeserving.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Business, commercial, and contract disputes are notoriously challenging for individuals to handle on their own, particularly when your opponent has savvy corporate attorneys working for them. Do not attempt to navigate the increasingly-complex legal maze without the assistance of your own attorney — and one skilled in handling business and contractual disputes. We have successfully counseled business owners and everyday people in business, commercial, and contract disputes of various types.

Though negotiation is preferred to a lengthy and potentially costly battle in court, we will pursue justice on your behalf no matter what it takes.  Some such conflicts are best solved with alternative dispute resolution rather than litigation. Meet with our legal team to explain the details of your case and to discuss your options.  We can help lighten your burden, help you achieve a fair result, and help you move on with your business.

Meet with our attorneys, tell us exactly what happened and we will explain your legal rights in-depth.

Products Liability Matters

If you are damaged by a product, do not just attribute your loss to bad luck.  There is a good chance the product’s construction, design, packaging, or some other characteristic was responsible for your injury.  Though certain products carry inherent risks, those who make products are legally obligated to warn users about reasonably foreseeable dangers.  Unfortunately, dangerous products still make it to the market. Our legal team is here to hold product manufacturers accountable and make you whole again.

If you used the product as intended and were hurt after doing so, you may be entitled to compensation for your resulting damages, including lost wages, lost earning capacity, pain and suffering, medical bills stemming from the injuries, emotional distress and/or wrongful death.

Maritime Injuries

Maritime injuries are especially frustrating as they tend to be severe, painful, and debilitating.  If you have endured any type of maritime injury, you need an attorney to fiercely advocate for justice on your behalf.  Discuss your maritime injury with our attorneys as soon as possible after the incident. We are here for all seamen, fishermen, ship builders, longshoreman, harbor workers, dock workers, and cruise ship crew members and passengers.

Aviation Accidents

Aviation accidents tend to be particularly gruesome, painful, and depressing. If you or a loved one was involved in an aviation accident, your focus should be on either rebuilding your injured body or grieving after losing your loved one.  This is not the time to attempt to learn the idiosyncrasies of the law. Meet with the lawyers at BrowneLaw to learn about your legal rights and the compensation to which you are entitled.  Our legal team is experienced in handling these types of complex personal injury cases. We have represented multiple individuals who were injured in aviation accidents as well as the surviving widows and children of other individuals who were killed in aviation crashes.

Medical Malpractice

Even skilled doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals make mistakes — and some of those have disastrous consequences. If you end up in worse shape or saddled with an additional health problem after having been treated by a medical professional, it might be possible to obtain compensation through a medical malpractice lawsuit.  Let our attorneys analyze your unique case to determine if legal grounds exist to support a malpractice claim.

Though medical malpractice is challenging to prove, proving that doctors failed to meet the standard of care expected of them is possible as long as sufficient evidence can be developed. Getting started with these cases soon after the event is vitally important, as it takes time to obtain and review what are often voluminous medical records.

Call us as soon as possible after the event so we can develop the necessary facts and a convincing legal argument that sets the stage for a lucrative payout.

BrowneLaw, LLC has successfully handled personal injury matters and business disputes of various types.

Consult with our legal team and our insight just might set the stage for quite the handsome payout.